“The most important person in the operating theatre is the patient.”
- Russell John Howard  

Quanta Surgery

Quanta is ranked among the leading manufacturers of high-quality lasers for use in surgery.

We provide individual solutions in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures concerning soft tissue surgery and stone treatment, dealing with many medical specialties including, but not limited to, Urology, Gastroenterology, Thoracic and Pulmonary, ENT and General Surgery.

Our therapy in human medicine is minimally-invasive with low com­­plication rates and reduced post-operative impairment of patients. Discovery Surgery means providing the best technology and solution to physicians, allowing them to operate quickly and safely.

As a reliable partner of doctors, we are committed to making a vital contribution to medical science in the development of new therapy methods. Our focus on quality assists our customers in providing ideal healthcare in human medicine. The human form deserves care and a delicate hand.

At Quanta, patients are our masterpieces.

Litho DK30

Litho DK30

30W Holmium desktop system for Lithotripsy