Youlaser CO2

Fractional CO2 10.600 nm
State of Art Fractional Quanta Scanner with glass touchscreen
Multi-application device for dermatology and plastic surgery
Powerful and fast Solid State RF
Touchscreen display for intuitive user interface
OptiSim simulator to estimate the effect of lasers on the skin

The CO2 Solution for Skin Treatments

The device at a glance

Youlaser CO2 is a cutting edge and versatile CO2 10600 nm laser device taking advantage on an extremely performant scanner for fractional skin resurfing and dermatological surgical handpieces. Quanta System’s technological features allow the operators to perform very efficient skin treatments with a full paramenters set on the laser and the scanner screen for treatments tailored to every patient’s needs and conditions.

Dermatological Skin Treatments

Fractional CO2 laser pulses are perfect to perform safe and very effective skin resurfacing procedures for a very wide range of applications.
Fractional treatments represent the ultimate boundary for dermatologic treatments for its limited down-time and increased safety.

Youlaser Quanta Scanner

Quanta Scanner is a versatile and innovative scanner allowing the complete tunability of the treatment’s parameters.
This configuration also enables the use of the OptiSim function able to estimate the depth and density of the treatment at specific parameters for the maximum treatment precision.

Surgical Handpieces

Surgical handpieces to perform plastic and dermatological procedures with different spot dimensions to guarantee the most complete range of procedures.


Some applications could have limitations related to specific skin types

* with incision, excision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of body soft tissues

Fractional ablative skin resurfacing

Non-fractionated mode*

ABOUT Youlaser CO2