Discovery Pico Derm
Optibeam II handpieces for flat top square, round and fractional spots
Two active wavelengths in pico and photo-thermal modes: 1064 nm and 532 nm
Low-energy absorption
Double footswitch for ready/standby and laser activation
10.4” Touchscreen Display usable with gloves and intuitive graphical interface
Proprietary PicoBoost Technology for extremely high peak power
Picosecond pulses for the purest photoacoustic effect
High Repetition rates for fast treatment performances

The Picosecond Laser Revolution for Dermatology

The device at a glance

DISCOVERY PICO DERM is the ultimate picosecond Nd:YAG laser that thanks to the PicoBoost technology represents a real turning-point in Dermatology.
This laser device includes 532 nm – 1064 nm and a dual operating mode with picosecond or photo-thermal emissions range to combine the maximum clinical benefits.

Discovery Pico Derm Fractional

Is the fundamental ally to perform acne scars and wrinkles treatments through collagen remodeling and damaged skin removal.

Optibeam II

The Optibeam II handpieces can generate different flat-top spot shapes at various sizes.
These handpieces are particularly indicated for:
Square flat-top: tattoo removal
Round flat-top: benign pigmented lesions
Fractional handpiece: acne scars and wrinkles.

Multi-level picosecond effect

Discovery PICO DERM’s Fractional treatments take advantage of two different laser actions with the creation of LIOBs for collagen remodelling and the ablation of damaged skin through picosecond “cold” ablation.
The synergy between these two effects is the key of the success in full treatment of wrinkles and acne scars.


Some applications could have limitations related to specific skin types

Wrinkles & Acne Scars

Benign Pigmented Lesions

Tattoo Removal