Opera EVO
Superior versatility in soft tissues surgery, with a wide range of applications
Up to 40W power, with multiple parameter combinations available
Effective hemostasis of soft tissues
Confined effect with preservation of non-targeted tissues
Continuous, pulsed or single pulse emission
Dual wavelength system, increasing versatility and effect tuning
Wide range of fiber diameters and types, for enhanced surgical versatility
The desktop design maximizes the ease of storage and simplifies the positioning in OR
Saving and Loading of customized preset modes
Low energy absorption: max 16A

The Versatile Laser Solution for Minimally Invasive Surgery

The device at a glance

Opera EVO represents a hybrid laser with dual wavelength (1.9µm and 1.5µm), dedicated to minimally invasive surgery entailing incision, resection, ablation and coagulation of soft tissues in many medical specialties. 

Both wavelengths are highly absorbed by water (highly present in all tissues), resulting in a relatively constant cutting/vaporization speed during the procedure (regardless of tissue vascularization) and effective hemostasis. The delivery by means of flexible fibers of different diameters allows to perform laser surgery with endoscopic, laparoscopic and open surgery approach. 

Dual Wavelength

1.9µm emission provides precise cutting and ablation action, with minimum depth of penetration (0.1-0.2 mm), thus leaving surrounding tissues unaffected by laser action. On the other hand1.5µm wavelength results in a deeper effect while still offering a good cutting and ablation performance. Depending on the application, the surgeon can choose between these two wavelengths, with the possibility to further emit them simultaneously to obtain a blended effect. For instance, the 1.9µm emission may be coupled with an additional 1.5µlow power output to further strengthen the hemostatic effect while cutting. 

Confined Damage and Superior Hemostasis

Both 1.9µm and 1.5µm wavelengths are strongly absorbed by water, even if the 1.9µm radiation has a more superficial action and stronger surface effect (thanks to the higher absorption efficiency in water). Both wavelengths result in shallow depth of penetration and precise cutting and ablation, providing the surgeon with a high degree of control and reducing substantially the risk of inadvertent injury.

The high absorption efficiency in water results in effective hemostasis already while cutting.  

Applications in Gastroenterology

Ablation and coagulation effectiveness of 1.9µm laser (thulium range) comes in handy aalternative to APC surgery in GI field. With respect to APC however, this laser has the advantages of no gas insufflation and a greater tolerance in terms of the distance to keep from targetShould the effect by 1.9µm laser be insufficient, the additional 1.5µm wavelength increases the depth of penetration, fostering the sealing effect. Opera EVO could be used for the hemostasis of some bleeding lesions (in election or in emergency), for the ablation of vascular lesions with bleeding potential (e.g. GAVE) and for the ablation/debulking/incision of soft tissues.

Applications in
Thoracic Surgery

Cutting precision and sealing effect by Opera EVO laser allow safe lung resection, with effective aero-hemostasis along incised margins. The energy delivery by means of thin fibers allows to perform resection with both laparoscopic and open surgery approaches. The use of dedicated handpieces and accessories helps in carrying out such surgical procedures.  

The shallow depth of penetration and ablation efficiency further comes in handy in airway laser surgery (e.g. obstruction debulking).

Wide range of fibers

The laser energy emitted by Opera EVO laser is delivered by means of thin and flexible optical fibers. Depending on the chosen approach and the surgical equipment in use, the surgeon can choose among different diameter dimensions (Øcore = 0.2 ÷ 1mm) and fiber typesFor example, our fiber portfolio includes frontal emission fibers, ball tip fibers (for easier insertion into already bent scope) and fibers dedicated to biliary duct treatmentsSurgical fibers are available both as single-use and reusable. 

Superior Multidisciplinarity

Thanks to the availability of two wavelengths in a unique device and to the possibility to emit them simultaneously, Opera EVO can be used in many different surgical specialties. Apart from GI and Thoracic Surgery, this laser allows effective cutting, ablation and coagulation of soft tissues also in Urology, ENT, General Surgery, Gynecology, Neurosurgery and Endovascular Surgery 

Based on that, this laser system can address effectively multiple needs from different wards, resulting highly cost-effective for the hospital. 

Additionally, its features make this device suitable for ambulatory settings.

Clinical Evidences

The experience with our hybrid 1.9 + 1.5 µm laser platform in gastroenterology has been reported in multiple publications and congress activities (discover more in the Literature section). Similarly, laser treatments with the reported wavelengths in other applications (e.g. ENT, Thoracic Surgery, Endovascular Surgery) have been described extensively in the clinical literature, providing evidences about the safety and efficacy of such laser treatments. 

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