Litho DK30
The desktop design maximizes the ease of storage and simplifies the positioning in the OR
Up to 25Hz frequency for faster low-energy ablation
Up to 1500µs pulse width for superior Dusting lithotripsy
4 emission modes intended to perform different techniques on stones and soft tissues
Up to 4J, enabling the fragmentation of the hardest stones
Up to 30W, for faster incision of soft tissues
High Versatility in soft tissue surgery, thanks to the wide range of emission settings (>150 combinations)
Wide range of fiber diameters and types available, for enhanced surgical versatility
Low energy absorption: max 16A
Proximity sensor for automatic exposure of fiber connector, allowing to keep the user sterile

30W Holmium desktop system for Lithotripsy

The device at a glance

Litho DK30 device is a Holmium (2.1 μm) surgical laser offering a wide selection of settings for the treatment of stones and soft tissue surgery, together with high versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Its radiation is strongly absorbed by water, resulting in effective hemostasis and limited depth of penetration (0.3-0.4mm). Apart from urology treatments, this device can be used in the resection and ablation of different soft tissues. 

The compact desktop design simplifies its positioning in the OR and storage, making it suitable also for transportation between different hospitals and wards. 

Wide Settings Range

This low power Holmium laser provides the user with high power output (up to 30W), energy (up to 4J) and frequency (up to 25Hz), together with an extremely long pulse width (up to 1500µs). These technical features offer multiple combinations of emission and high versatility in stone treatment and soft tissue surgery.

Dusting Effect

Stone retropulsion and migration often prolong lithotripsy treatment, in particular with high pulse energy. Litho features the Dusting Effect mode, taking advantage of the extremely long pulse width to perform smooth stone ablation with limited retropulsion. The obtained fine dust obviates the need for retrieval of fragments by basket.

Highly user-friendly

This laser is equipped with an intuitive user interface, displayed on a large 10.4” screen enabling easy settings adjustment.  

This laser system is equipped with an automatic aperture sensor enabling the operator to connect the fiber with one hand and avoiding any contact with non-sterile parts.  

The emission footswitch is further featured with a button enabling the surgeon to switch from Ready to Standby status (and vice versa) without asking a nurse to switch the status on device display. 

Wide range of Fibers

A great versatility in applications requires a wide range of delivery probes. For this reason, Litho laser is compatible with different fiber diameters (200-1000µm) and types.

Apart from standard fibers, our portfolio includes ball tip fibers (for easier insertion into already bent scope), performance probes (to deliver even higher output power). 

Compact Design

The light weight and compact desktop design of the device allow easy transportation and storage in the hospital, with limited space needed in the OR during the surgical procedure.

These features make Litho DK30 laser suitable for use in different hospitals and for recurrent relocations, without affecting the performances and reliability of the device.

Wide range of Applications

Its limited depth of penetration (0.3-0.4mm), together with the incision and hemostasis properties of this radiation, enables a large variety of surgical treatments. Apart from stone fragmentation (urolithiasis, gallstones) and urology treatments (e.g. strictures, tumor resection), Litho DK30 device can perform effective soft tissue surgery in other medical specialties, including General Surgery, Arthroscopy and ENT.


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