Fiber Dust®

Up to 60W output power
Up to 2500Hz frequency
Pulsed & Continuous Emission
Compatible with both disposable and reusable fibers
Compatible with Standard Wall Outlet
Extreme performances already with small fibers
Suitable for both Lithotripsy and Soft Tissue surgery
TFL technology, allowing compact size
Minimized Retropulsion
7 steps of pulse duration adjustment


The device at a glance

Fiber Dust® laser system is a Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL) surgical device intended for both Lithotripsy and precise soft tissue surgery. This device has a 1.9µm wavelength laser emission and is capable of super-pulsed mode to allow stone fragmentation and ablation. During the latest years, TFL technology emerged as a new alternative to Holmium laser, in particular for the treatment of stones. With the introduction of this new surgical laser device, Quanta System completes its already wide laser portfolio, empowering the surgeon with full choice in terms of surgical equipment.


First in vitro and in vivo experiences suggest strong potential for TFL technology in stone ablation. The peak power of TFL enables extremely limited retropulsion, while providing gentle stone dusting and generation of tiny particles. Indeed, TFL technology proved so far as an excellent dusting tool, in particular for low-medium hardness calculi.

The wide frequency range (up to 2500 Hz) allows to speed up the treatment once you found the desired pulse energy and pulse duration combination. Fiber Dust® further allows full performances already with 200µm core fiber, leaving space for output increase when needed. Additionally, the 150µm fiber allows even greater flexibility and irrigation flow.

Fiber Reusability

TFL technology by Quanta System has been designed in order to enable compatibility with reusable fibers too, without the constraint in using disposable fibers only.
This choice allows significant cost saving with respect to technologies compatible with disposable fibers only.

Standard Outlet Required

Fiber Dust® device has reduced energy requirements, bringing high laser performances with limited energy consumption!
This device is compatible with standard wall power outlet, with no need for a dedicated socket in the OR.

BPH & Soft Tissue Surgery

Thulium wavelength is strongly absorbed by water, allowing efficient and precise ablation and incision of soft tissues.
A maximum output power of 60W enables low-power ThuLEP (Thulium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate). In particular, with Fiber Dust® you can choose between a superpulsed ThuLEP and a more traditional continuous emission ThuLEP (whose effect is similar to Tm:YAG laser).

Because of its features, Thulium laser can also be used for smooth ablation, resection and incision of urinary soft tissues requiring low-medium power, such as for the treatment of bladder and UUT tumors, and stenosis.

Continuous and Pulsed Emission

Fiber Dust® can operate in both pulsed and continuous emission. The pulsed emission, thanks to the higher peak power, enables stone lithotripsy and more aggressive tissue cutting, with reduced tissue charring. These effects can be further tuned by adjusting pulse duration, pulse energy and frequency settings. On the other hand, the continuous emission allows a smoother and more gentle action, potentially providing better hemostasis.

Surgical Fiber Range

The portfolio of optical fibers compatible with Fiber Dust® includes core diameters ranging from 200µm to 1000µm, allowing wide choice. All these fibers have no limitations of performances, even for the smallest core size. Thanks to these capabilities, you can achieve fiber flexibility and high emission power at the same time.
The new 150µm fiber allows even greater flexibility and irrigation flow, occupying less space inside of the operative channel.
If needed, the surgeon may select the ball tip fiber for a strongly simplified fiber insertion in already bent scopes, preventing the damage to the ureteroscope working channel and aiding the sliding of fiber tip inside of it.


The 7 adjustment steps (with respect to the traditional 3 steps), allow more precise tuning of pulse duration (and peak power). Adjustment of peak power enables different effects over the targeted stone depending on its hardness, composition and other factors. Also when targeting soft tissues, different peak power levels result in different effect on tissues.
Adjust the MasterPULSE to tune the effect of laser emission based on your visual feedback, to change lithotripsy effect and tissue cutting!

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