Latest Non-Invasive Body Shaping solution
New Super-Luminescent Diode Matrix Technology (SDM)
Electrical Muscles Stimulation (EMS)
Zero down-time.
The patient can go back to his routine immediately after the treatment
Up to 18 treatment preset modalities to treat even small stubborn fat folds
From 15 to 30 minutes of treatment
No device consumable costs
No waste of space.
Designed to maximize the storage and simplify everyday life in your office
Delinea provides Hands-free treatment
Repeatable and natural results

Shape your happiness

The device at a glance

Delinea represents a new solution in Non-Invasive Body Contouring. This innovative device delivers proven unparallel results through the multi-technologies approach. Delinea takes the last generation technologies to decrease the circumference and eliminate fat cells in a comfortable way.

Treatment without operator

Delinea has an integrated self-check temperature control allowing it to work always safely. The perfect balance of the technologies installed on Delinea guarantees pleasant treatments with superior results. The pre-setted parameters and the safety features onboard allow hands-free and operator free treatments.

Repeatable natural looking results

Delinea has been designed to gently work on all patients. It provides results on a wide range of ages, fat folds dimension and skin type all year long.
Delinea treatment maintains target temperature avoiding any patient discomfort. Delinea comes with all accessories needed to measure the efficacy of the treatment.

Body Shaping

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