Cyber Ho Magneto Technology

Up to 152W, for fast HoLEP treatment and powerful cutting. Frequency up to 100Hz for fast and effective high-frequency stone lithotripsy
New Magneto Technology designed to maximize dusting effectiveness while providing the best stone stabilization.
MasterPULSE technology to fine-tune laser emission based on 7 pulse width steps
Virtual Basket® and Vapor Tunnel® modes to reduce calculus retropulsion and maximise treatment speed.
Up to 5J, enabling the fragmentation of the hardest stones
Guided selection of settings, with the possibility to save and reload your own presets
High Versatility in soft tissue surgery, thanks to the wide range of emission settings
Double footswitch for immediate switching between emission modes, avoiding interruptions for readjusting settings
Wide range of fiber diameters and types available for enhanced surgical versatility.
12” touchscreen display with an intuitive user interface for superior user-friendliness.

The power of Holmium with the dusting of TFL

The device at a glance

Cyber Ho with Quanta Magneto Technology is the latest breakthrough in urology, which combines the power of Holmium with the great dusting capability of the TFL in a “all-in-one” laser system, offering outstanding efficiency and flexibility, enabling surgeons to safely meet their daily challenges.

Quanta Magneto Technology

The first holmium laser system that tamed the peak power of holmium, turning it into a much longer pulse duration providing a superior dusting of TFL.

Superior Settings

The Cyber Ho laser devices present an array of impressive settings, ensuring a superior surgical experience.

With capabilities including high power (up to 152W), a rapid repetition rate (100Hz), substantial pulse energy (5J), and remarkable versatility in pulse width adjustment, they redefine precision in surgical procedures.

The endless combinations of settings enable a vast range of treatments, enhancing versatility in techniques and expanding the scope of available procedures.


HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) is a proven technique for the treatment of BPH, with high effectiveness, safety and durability.

Cyber Ho devices offer full choice regarding settings selection, with superior surgical experience granted by the double footswitch, the high emission power (up to 152W), the intuitive and large modulation of pulse width and the included modes (Quanta Magneto Technology and Virtual Basket®) for the different steps of the treatment.

The multiple combinations of settings and tools allow the maximum versatility of use, so that the surgeon can easily reach the desired results.


Reducing retropulsion and modifying tissue cutting get easier: instead of trying multiple different settings, start with your preferred ones and then adjust the MasterPULSE to tune the effect of laser emission based on your visual feedback.

Experience a more intuitive and faster adjustment of laser settings thanks to the 7 pulse width levels (compared to the traditional 3 steps of the other holmium laser).

All-around Lithotripsy

Cyber Ho offers a truly comprehensive solution for stone treatment, providing every necessary tool.

Users can select from various techniques, including high-frequency lithotripsy, dusting, fragmentation, and popcorning, overcoming stone retropulsion with advanced tools such as Quanta Magneto Technology and Virtual Basket®.

Guided modality

Quanta System knows how often inexperienced surgeons are in need of advice regarding settings and therefore understands the importance of having user-friendly laser devices.

For this reason, we introduced a guided modality to automatically select proper settings based on the intended treatments. With this enhancement in user experience, we want to offer you the best laser solutions regardless of your experience with Holmium laser.

High Power
with small fibers

Cyber Ho devices are designed for extreme performance already with small standard fibers (allowing more than 40W even with the smallest fiber diameters).

Thanks to this feature, the user shall not refrain from having fiber flexibility and high emission power at the same time.

Ball tip fibers

The use of these fibers greatly simplifies the process of inserting fibers into already bent scopes, preventing damage to the ureteroscope’s working channel and facilitating the sliding of the fiber tip inside it.

These fibers are designed for single-use only.


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