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Quanta System - DNA Laser Technology
Quanta System - DNA Laser TecnologyQuanta System - DNA Laser Tecnology

IPL series: 

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Eterna Giovinezza and Silk Light series are professional and powered IPL systems.
These water cooled devices are based on the Quanta System’s proprietary technology producing pulsed light at the highest fluencies now available on the market. Controlled pulse emissions allow safe and very effective treatments.
The flexibility of use is guaranteed by the ability to provide a wide range of wavelengths interacting with the skin. A wide range of skin issues such as hairs, aging, active acne, vascular diseases and pigmented lesions are effectively treated.
Both series are available in cosmetic/aesthetic (ES) versions.

Competitive advantages
• High modularity and flexibility
• The highest fluencies on large areas available on the market
• Calibration port on board
• Auto limitation logics for improved safety
• Options: fixed or interchangeable handpieces
• Option: integrated contact skin cooling

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Quanta System - DNA Laser Tecnology
Quanta System - DNA Laser Technology
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