L’eccellenza italiana nella tecnologia laser


Quanta System lasers restore the Pisa Cathedral

In this exact moment Quanta’s lasers, under the supervision of the Tuscany regional superintendent to cultural heritage and the wise advices of Professor Alessandro Zanini, scientist and manager of the El.En. Group’s Light for Art Division, are cleaning day and night, without stopping, the capitals of the main central apse of the Pisa Cathedral. 
Restoration works with lasers will be completed by March 2015.  

Begun in 1093, Pisa Cathedral (Duomo di Pisa) is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Despite its proximity to the eye-catching and tourist-attracting Leaning Tower, recently restored with success by other Quanta lasers, the Duomo still dominates the monumental Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. 

Though nominally called Romanesque, the Cathedral of Pisa exhibits aspects of Roman, Islamic, Byzantine, and trans-Alpine architectural influence. Stylistically it is without precedent. Inscriptions on its white marble facade describe the history of the cathedral and the circumstances of its construction. The cathedral is cruciform in plan and is situated on an east-west axis with the primary apse facing east. The plan is more Early Christian, or even Roman, than Romanesque in character. Each arm of the transept has its own apse, like two small basilicas attached to a larger one. Recycled classical columns were used to support the interior.