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Five Quanta System Lasers Donated to the Vatican

On June 19, the Governorate of the Vatican City State received a donation of five new generation lasers by Quanta System, a worldwide company leader in the production of medical, industrial and scientific equipment. Two of the five lasers will be used by the Vatican Museums for the restoration of priceless works of art, while the latter three are destined to hospitals in Latin America.

The consignment ceremony was held in the Raffaello Room of the Vatican Museums’ Paintings Gallery, in the presence of His Eminence Reverend the Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, President of the Governorate of the Vatican City State, Professor Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museums, Engineer Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of Quanta System, and Professor Ulderico Santamaria of the Diagnostics Lab of the Vatican Museums. The new lasers for the Museums will be used by the experts in the Restorations Labs on a myriad of restoration works, including paintings, polychromatic surfaces and sculptures. Lasers that were donated for health institutions in Latin America are able to perform difficult and challenging surgical interventions, guaranteeing extremely high levels of safety and minimal hospitalization times for patients.
These devices can also be used, thanks to their very high efficacy, for renal diseases in children and teenagers. “Very few people know that the Vatican Museums’ Scientific Department,” said Professor Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museums, “lead by Professor Ulderico Santamaria, is at the forefront of art restoration, in Italy and in Europe, in the most sophisticated and experimental operations of art conservation of the artistic heritage. Laser technologies have been, here in the Vatican, studied and applied since their origin. Laser instruments used in our labs form, all together, a “stable” of excellence, for their number, versatility and operational efficacy. There are very few, if not zero, comparisons in Italy and in Europe. Now, thanks to the generous donation of Quanta System, the laser inventory of the Vatican Museums is enriched through two cutting edge last generation systems.

It’s a good piece of news for our operators and a guarantee of even more efficient care of the Vatican Art Treasures.” "Always,” Eng. Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of Quanta System, said, “our mission has been to contribute to the preservation of immense heritages for mankind. Our lasers, specific for art conservation, and our products for medicine and surgery, are animated by the same principle: taking care of people, our masterpieces”.

Through this joint initiative, the Governorate of the Vatican City State and Quanta System intend to symbolically underline that, beside the acquisition of more and more technological competences, it is also necessary to put them at disposal of men and women all over the world.